One of the greatest things about going on the road and exhibiting at conventions and trade shows is the opportunity to meet our customers first hand. It's also great to be able to interact with other haunters and really get to know them. Over the years we have gone to various trade shows and haunters gatherings all across the United States. We have also had great pride to find out that many of our clients are celebrities. Here are just a few photo's from over the years and check back regularly for more.

Forry Ackerman Reggie Bannister Tom Savini and Tim

Bill Blair Roman Dirge Ray Bradbury

Sarah Douglas Candice Kita and Tim Margot Kidder

Tim and Kenny Baker Jack O'Halloran Ken Foree

Lance Hendrickson and Tim Tim and Basil Gogos Marc McClure

Bat's Day Bill Livingston Horrorfind Weekend - Goatman Hollow

Tim with Charity auction winner Chris DeVaux and Megan - CalhauntS Ghoulish Minion - Autumn

Ghoulish Gallery Display at Haunted Vineyard Haunted Vineyard Raycliff Manor

Knott's - 13 Axe Murder Manor Knott's - 13 Axe Murder Manor Monster Manor

Monster Manor