The Ghoulish Gallery has a long-standing reputation of going the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% happy. As a result, we receive a lot of positive feedback. Since there’s no better advertisement than a satisfied customer, we thought it might be nice to let you read what others have to say about our company, product and customer service. Look closely and you might even notice a few familiar names. Enjoy!


Dear Tim, as the owner of the company making the special lenses for your ghoulish art, I see new people coming into the flip art business on a daily basis. As you can imagine, I also see thousands of pieces of art. I think I could safely say that of all the people who visit my business to learn the correct way to do this unique effect, only 20% walk away with the ability to create a quality effect. Out of that 20%, only 1% or 2% have the ability to create art that is well-conceived AND also well-designed with regards to the abilities and limitations of our product. Without hesitation, I would consider you to be in that top 1%. There is only one way to do something correctly and the proper adhesion of our lenses is no different. Just a one tenth of one percent alignment discrepancy can cause the overall effect to be ruined. This is not something that can be self-taught. By taking the time out to come to my business, spend a week with us and learn the correct way to achieve the best possible change effect in your spooky art, you’ve shown a sincere interest in providing your customer with a consistent quality of product, each time, every time. No other company similar to your own has done this and that fact, combined with your disturbingly photo-realistic artwork and your special effects background is winning combination for the consumer. Best of luck and be sure to come back and visit us again soon. Best wishes.

KEN CONLEY -- Manufactures and supplies 90% of the lens arrays to the global market

Tim, thank you so very much for the two beautiful pieces of your artwork. Your concept of the changing portrait illusion is PERFECT. It’s so nice to hear how many people love the Haunted Mansion. I do feel so fortunate to have been a part of its design. My best to you,

ROLLY CRUMP -- Walt Disney Imagineer (retired)

Tim, Haunted Media Magazine takes great pleasure in recognizing and awarding you and your company, The Ghoulish Gallery, our Excellence Award for outstanding achievement in the haunted attraction industry. You have exhibited imagination, ambition and inspiration in each one of your original changing portrait designs making them one of the most outstanding Halloween products of 2005. You and your company stand apart from the crowd, charting your destiny with diligence and a solid commitment to excellence. You are the people who create the standard by which others are judged. Congratulations!

SCOTT BROAD -- Executive Producer, Haunted Media Magazine

Tim, I heard about your website from my make-up artist. She said your work was pretty unique so I figure “what the heck” and decided to check it out. After seeing a couple characters that I really liked, Jen and I decided to place and order for our Halloween party. The portraits arrived amazingly fast. The quality of your work is just outstanding. The change was flawless and the attention to detail was really unbelievable. Later in the day a few friends came over and they were all mesmerized by your work. We literally spent about an hour discussing how spooky this effect is in person. Thanks so much for coming up with this great idea. Your ingenuity will help make this year’s party a great success!


I just received my changing portrait today and love it! “Vincent” now hangs in our library. He makes an ELEGANT and CREEPY addition to our home.

JOHN LANDIS -- Director of American Werewolf in London, Thriller and Twilight Zone: The Movie and many others.

Tim, thanks for the ghastly art. These are extremely high quality portraits whose images magically change from normal to horrible. Quite fascinating! They will make a great addition to my own horror gallery. All the best!

DICK SMITH -- Academy Award winning make-up artist whose amazing artistry can be seen in Amadeus and The Exorcist.

I have most of The Ghoulish Gallery’s changing portraits hanging in my house and I hope to soon add the few that I don't have. When my friends and clients first notice these portraits the expressions on the faces are priceless! My house is old and I guess they initially think these are family members so they don’t pay too much attention to them – and I don’t warn them – but then, when they see them transformation, it really scares the hell out of them and of course that's what I live for, to scare people, and I thank The Ghoulish Gallery for helping.

TOM SAVINI – Renowned special make-up effects artist for Friday the 13th, Day of the Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Greetings Tim, Ron Pardini and Steve Cotroneo here from CIFX and “The Haunted Vineyard.” We picked-up a few of your amazing portraits at the recent Haunt X convention in Santa Maria, California - you are the real deal! You have an incredible product. So much so, that we had trouble narrowing down our choices to four pieces that we liked most, when in reality we wanted to take them all. We also love that you create custom designed pieces! While there are a few people out there creating changing photos (though most are not even close to the caliber of detail and quality that your products entail), we have never heard of a company that will create original custom pieces off of artwork that we provide. And all this at such a fair price!
Honestly, what sold us even before we laid eyes upon your artwork was your presentation. Top notch all the way! You didn't just set up a table and lay out your wares, you jumped in head first and cranked out a beautiful display booth that looked like some room ripped right out of a Victorian building. One can tell just looking at your display and at your products, that you are a person who loves what you do. You are willing to go that extra step and it shows! As artists working in the entertainment industry, we always notice the little details as they make the difference between a prop that is just mediocre and one that is excellent. You have nailed the excellent!
To top it all off, you are such a cool guy. Seriously, your low pressure, honest approach to vending your artwork is great. Keep up the good work. We wish you luck and look forward to conducting more business with you in the future. P.S. We also love the changing portrait of Leonard Pickel on your web site! Too cool!!! Thanks again…

RON PADRINI and STEVE COLTRANEO -- Contributed FX for Batman Returns, Independence Day, Men in Black, Godzilla and The Truman Show

ear Tim, I deeply appreciate and thank you for your changing portrait, which has already scared a couple of people who came into the room, not knowing what in hell they were looking at! Keep up the good work. I wish you only the best for the months and years ahead.

RAY BRADBURY -- Celebrated author of Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and the original teleplay for the 1959 The Twilight Zone episode “I Sing the Body Electric.”

Your artwork is wonderful. I love my Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portrait!

ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark

Very Impressive! I kept tilting it back and forth to try and figure out how it was done. I’d seen the work of one of your competitors a year or so ago but the transformation in your work is the best I’ve ever seen. I love it!

BUTCH PATRICK -- TV’s “Eddie Munster”

Upon seeing your chilling creations, I’m amazed at the transformations I’ve just witnessed. The effect is fantastic! I’m proud to include your sinister artwork in my world famous, 300,000+ piece collection of science fiction, horror and fantasy art known as the “Ackermuseum.”

FORREST J. ACKERMAN -- Creator and Editor of the groundbreaking magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland started in 1958.

im, one glimpse of your changing portraits and one starts to doubt their senses. Witnessing the transformations in your artwork is truly a unique experience. Just when I thought you couldn’t amaze me again, I see the next masterpiece you’ve created. Bravo!

GEORGE LUTZ -- The man who lived through the real life Amityville Horror.

Tim, thank you so much for changing portrait. It’s really cool, the greatest!

DEE SNIDER -- Twisted Sister, Actor, The Horror Channel, Fangoria Channel

Tim, your portraits are really great. Just amazing!

BRINKE STEVENS -- Scream Queen/Actress, The Slumber Party Massacre, The Girls of Penthouse, Three Amigos, This is Spinal Tap and many more.


In 2005, The Ghoulish Gallery won an open bid contract to supply the Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt with changing portraits for their newest maze, "13 Axe Murder Manor". "13 Axe Murder Manor" was later voted best new maze by, Theme Park Adventure Magazine and the AHAB Awards.
One of the most talked-about aspects of "13 Axe Murder Manor" were the "changing" portraits that were found throughout the first portion of the maze in large numbers. Unlike the changing portraits at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, which are rear-projections, these new family pics are very nicely done lenticular images that change as you walk past them. The company behind this is The Ghoulish Gallery ( and their product seems to be everywhere now. Normally, we don't discuss third-party companies that Knott's uses for props, etc. However, we wanted to bring this up because The Ghoulish Gallery’s stuff is exciting and new…the work these folks do is very, very nice.

From a review published in THEME PARK ADVENTURE MAGAZINE

Congratulations on your contribution to the "13 Axe Murder Manor" at Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt this year. I went through three times and there was no doubt that it was the best new addition to the Haunt. That and the “Asylum” get my vote for the best walk-through mazes in the park. Many thanks,

CHRIS -- Phantom Coach Hearse Club

Love the changing paintings on the wall (of 13 Axe Murder Manor). I saw the vendor at Haunt X (a convention for the home haunters) and fell in love with them. It is so awesome to see his work at haunt.

TOYKEEPER’S SON -- TPA Message Board


I recently saw your artwork at the Rue Mourge Festival of Fear convention in Toronto, Canada but was not able to afford one of your portraits at that time. As soon as I got home, I looked you up on-line and was surprised to discover the amount of different styles and characters you have in your complete selection. It was much more than what was reflected at the festival. As I read your website, I was also really impressed with your background as a professional artist in the film industry. I place my order for a large “Isabella” and was surprised when it arrived only a week later. Your work is just stunning and much better than I remember it being at the Festival. Being a huge horror fan, I know I will be buying more of your product in the future. Thanks for creating such a great and spooky product.

JOHN in Canada
(TIM’S NOTE: The changing portraits you saw at the Rue Mourge Festival of Fear were not Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits but it seems you’ve already discovered the difference in quality on your own. Thanks so much for the compliments.)


Tim, to see your work, in person, tonight at HorrorFind was something to behold. I just had to have one, especially after standing right next to Tom Savini, himself, as he purchased – what was it – at least six or seven pieces? It was just too cool for words. I can’t wait to see my new “friend” hanging on my wall. Thanks again.


Dear Tim, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Horrorfind this past weekend down here in Maryland. Your booth drew a large crowd and it was well deserved. My friends and I were amazed at how awesome your pieces were. And the man himself, Tom Savini was there and I saw him purchase a number of prints. Now that means a lot to me. My friend Jim ordered a print that night when we got back to my house and now, I have just ordered one over much deliberation – not about whether or not I should buy one, but which one! There are so many great pieces! Thanks to you and your staff for taking the time at the show to talk to us and answer all of our questions. You guys are great and I can't wait to hang my haunted art. Sincerely,


Tim, I was really shocked when the mail came today and there they were, all 5 portraits I ordered. I made the mail lady stay while I opened them. She was screaming and laughing at the same time. I ordered these pictures on Thursday and here it is, Monday. I am 1700 miles from you and they are here! Also, thanks for taking the time with me when I was ordering, answering all my questions and not rushing me along. I really appreciate it. I can't wait to see the looks on our friends' faces [if we have any left after they see these] when they walk by your portraits. Your artwork is awesome!

BARB in Wisconson


Hello Tim! It was great meeting you at IronStock. Our haunters appreciated a chance to see Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits in person as well as portraits of your competitors that had been donated for our raffle. Your generous donation of a one-of-a-kind original changing portrait increased raffle ticket sales to an amazing conclusion. We were honored and blessed by your participation. Your changing portraits are amazing! I haven’t yet found frames for the ones we bought but I will. In fact, we like them so much the Iron Kingdom requests your permission to use them in part of our display for tradeshows. I believe they suit our booth concept extremely well. Warmest regards,

LADY IRON -- Coordinator of the annual IronStock Haunt Conference
(TIM’S NOTE: Lady Iron, you are more than welcome to use our portraits as part of your set décor. If I can be of any further help, just give me a holler. By the way, you still owe me a BBQ pork sandwich. What? Did you think I forgot?)

Tim, there are a small handful of changing portrait vendors in this industry, and I had a unique opportunity to see art from each company, IN PERSON, at the recent Ironstock gathering. I can honestly say that Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits are the BEST. Out of all of the things we brought home from the show, your work was the first thing to get unpacked and immediately hung on the wall of our front room. My kids see monsters being made all day long and it takes a lot to shock or scare them but when my 7-year-old son noticed one of your portraits change as he walked across the room, he immediately froze in his steps and covered his eyes! I had to take the artwork off the wall, show him that nothing was behind the painting and explain that mommy and I met you and your one heck of a nice guy who just makes scary stuff. We are all really excited about you doing our custom family portrait and can’t wait to add that perfect finishing touch to our haunted living room. Thanks again for everything and keep up the awesome work.

CHRIS RUSSEL, Owner/Artist, Twisted Toybox

Tim, I recently attended Ironstock Haunt Conference where you were there selling your spooky changing portraits. Your art is GREAT! They held drawings and raffles where you and two of your competitors had donated pictures. Wow, what a difference in the quality. Yours, hands down, were superior by far! I bought several and plan on buying many more in the future. I very much appreciate your expertise, quality and professionalism and I heard the same from others.

JERRY in Nashville, TN

Hi! I recently had the chance to view the art of the three top producers of changing portraits at the IronStock in Tell City, Indiana. After spending a few minutes looking at what each company had to offer, I purchased from The Ghoulish Gallery. The selection was fantastic, the owner extremely nice and helpful and the portraits were top quality. Having a chance to see all the different portraits side by side, The Ghoulish Gallery had just what I was looking for in my haunted house.

MARVIN -- Sinister Tombs Haunted House

(TIM’S NOTE: A lot of people who attended Ironstock wrote in to tell us their opinion of the side-by-side comparison. It is always difficult to determine quality of product from a grainy video sample or a 72 dpi picture seen on the Internet. Having seen the offerings from all the different changing portrait companies side-by-side yourself, all of you have share a valuable and unique perspective. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Thanks!)


Hi Tim! Now that the Halloween season has come to a close and things have finally returned to "normal", I'm finding a few spare moments in which to send you some well-deserved feedback. My name is Jill; I had identified myself as a Halloween Haunt Monster upon our encounter at the Haunted Vineyard. I had gone to the event with a large group of my fellow monsters on the final Monday of its season this year. I was so taken that evening (not only by the event, but by your collection) that I drove all the way from Anaheim again the following evening in order to walk through one last time and to purchase your "Donna D' Dead" changing portrait. I was so pissed at myself for not having bought it the night before and was unable to erase her image from my mind all day! I recognized you in your Minotaur costume upon my return because your wife had given away your identity in conversation the night before. Oddly enough, that fun fact ended up saving the day because your booth was closed that night. Apparently you were filling in for sick monsters within the maze. When I didn't see you again, I started freaking out that you had gone home and I had missed my window of opportunity! One of the other monsters ended up locating you and pulling you out of the maze for me. I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to speak with you and how grateful I was that you had all of your work just chilling out in your car! Now Donna's portrait hangs in my room as a reminder of our unusual, yet inspiring encounter! I have only the best things to say about your work as well as your refreshing exhibition of customer service. Thank you again and I hope to see you in February at Haunt X.

JILL – Monster at Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween Haunt
P.S. Angie (The veteran Haunt monster you scared so bad that she wet her pants) says Hi!


Hey Tim, I received my changing portraits today. How incredibly ghoulish! As an authority on the Disneyland Haunted Mansion attraction, I can say that your creations really bring a palpable eerie atmosphere of that ride to mind. I like the fact that although they push the level of grue to a step further than anything Disney would ever do, they retain a mischievous sense of humor amidst the horror. Kudos!

CHEF MAYHEM -- Creator of (the world’s foremost website related to Disney’s many haunted attractions), Member of the 2005 Disneyland Creative Advisory Council.

Mr. Turner, I apologize for taking so long to let you know how much I loved the picture I ordered from you. It is truly outstanding. It was even better than I expected. Believe it or not, I'm giving it as a house-warming gift to some friends of mine who are big Disney Haunted Mansion fans. I know they'll love it. And believe me...if they weren't such good friends, I would have trouble giving the picture away! Your website (while extremely cool and well-done) cannot do true justice to your portraits. Your pictures go way beyond what the uninformed person might laugh off as a "gimmick" to an actual honest-to-goodness work of art. And the way the portrait changes is truly stunning, surprising and downright creepy. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for such a fantastic and well-made product. I plan to do even more business with you in the coming year except this time, I'll be ordering for myself! Thank you again and continued good luck and success with your amazing portraits. Sincerely,


Hey Tim! I just received “Bernard,” my second place prize in the “Devil’s in the Detail” contest. I have set it up now and I find myself walking back and forth in front of it! Your work is amazing and your talent in the field of lenticular artistry is what makes Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits stand out from others. Thanks for your ingenious contribution to the haunt Industry.

BRADEN -- Haunted Mansion fan.

As a cast member at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, "Napoleon's Last Ride” not only exceeds expectations but also excels in professionalism. This portrait captures the essence of the Haunted Mansion and twists it with a little bit of Hollywood special effects. It’s almost like bringing a piece of the Haunted Mansion into your home. Often imitated but never duplicated, The Ghoulish Gallery’s Haunted Mansion-style changing portraits have my seal of approval. Keep up the ghoul work!!

ANDREW -- Haunted Mansion Cast Member

Just a brief note to tell you that your work is sensational! It brings back those warm memories of my childhood visits to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. I now live in Oklahoma but your portraits definitely inspire that same kind of creepy feeling. My wife and I put on a little spook house for the kids each year that has become very popular. Your changing portraits will now be the centerpieces of that event. You have amazing talent! Wishing you all the best.

LOREN & MAGGIE in Blackwell, Oklahoma

Tim, I just love the Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits I purchased. Surprisingly my husband liked them too (I usually have a hard time swaying him to the "dark side"). My mother and aunt, who are avid Disney fans and Annual Pass holders, agreed that your changing portraits are of the same quality if not better than what Disney has to offer in their Haunted Mansion attraction. Thanks so much, I couldn't be happier.



Hey Tim, your new 2005 Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits debuted at Haunt X 2005 (Death Fest IX) not only caught me by surprise but pretty much every person who came out to the show. No one had ever seen anything like it! More than one person I spoke with felt your new line up had to be the hottest new product at the exposition this year! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing even more wonderful portraits added to your already amazing portfolio.

WIL SCHOCK -- Event Coordinator, Haunt X

Tim, just a quick not to let you know the changing portraits I got from you at Haunt X are awesome! The amount of time put into each portrait design is evidenced by the quality that is instantly recognizable at first glance. You have the best selection of characters I’ve ever seen and you’ve clearly mastered a photo realistic style that is true to the Victorian era. This is the type of uber-cool Halloween specialty art that we previously only dreamt of getting our hands on and somehow you’ve made it affordable for the average haunt.

JASON “SKETCH” MENDOZA -- Industrial/Goth Haunt Designer

Tim, I happened upon your Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits at Haunt X 2005 and was delighted with what I saw. I’d seen other company’s changing portraits but found these to be far superior. The transformations are smoother and much more believable, and the fact that some are in-your-face scary while others are quite subtle will allow me to use these portraits successfully in more than one area of our haunt. Bravo Tim! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

CHRIS “THE COACHMAN” DEVAUX -- The Ranch House Mortuary

Hey Tim, just wanted to say THANKS for the great 16”x20” of "Dearly Departed" that you sent to me from my winning in the drawing at the Haunt X show in Santa Maria, CA. My mom thinks it is wonderful. My dad isn’t too fond of it, not that he doesn’t think it’s interesting, it just creeps him out. I also showed it to a friend who thinks its “sweet”. Thanks again.

KURT in California
(TIM’S NOTE: Hey Kurt, congratulations on your win. Way to go!!)


The Ghoulish Gallery has exploded onto the changing portrait scene with smooth transitions and really disturbing artwork at a great price point.

LEONARD PICKEL -- Editor of Haunted Attraction Magazine, host of the annual Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention (HAuNTcon).

What can I really say about the HAuNTcon tradeshow? EXCELLENT!!! There were lots of vendors. Some we had seen before and some we have never seen, like The Ghoulish Gallery, which had some spectacular lenticluar portraits including the now famous “Haunted Pickel.” Tim Turner of The Ghoulish Gallery has created THE MOST DETAILED AND THE SMOOTHEST CHANGING PORTRAITS I HAVE EVER SEEN! THE QUALITY IS TOP NOTCH!

BILL LIVINGSTON, Contributing Writer, Haunted Attraction Magazine

Tim, wanted to drop you a quick note and say what a pleasure it was to meet you at HAuNTcon. It’s nice to meet a fellow artist who is so willing to share so much even though technically we are competitors. Of course, no one would ever know that and that’s the way it should be. I know you have a lot of feedback on your site but I really can’t imagine anyone that could be more critical then someone like myself that does this everyday. Let me state for the record that your work is excellent. And while some would be threatened by a fellow artist’s work, I was inspired. It’s quite obvious in your latest work that your vision and skills are growing. In the big picture, all artists use the same brushes, canvas and paint. In our case it happens to be computers and printers and lens arrays, but what makes an artist’s work his own is his style. As long as you own that, other artists can only help you grow. Best wishes,

NORM LANIER, Artist/Owner, Haunted Portraits

(TIM’S NOTE: Norm has become a close friend and I deeply appreciate the professional ethics and conduct he demonstrates in how he conducts his business. While some may prefer our art over his – and visa versa – we remain friends and do our best to stay away from the overly competitive mud-slinging and name calling that is so often a stain in our unique profession.)

Hey Tim, I talked with you at HAuNTcon where I purchased an "Isabella" and a "Dorian Gray" and just love them both. I've shown them to family and friends and they just can't get over them. I'm going to use them for my home haunt but will encourage the professional haunts I work with to purchase some as well. I also work in the film and video industry doing props and set decoration and will definitely keep you in mind for the future. Thank you again for such a high quality product. Keep up the great work!

LAURA at Swank Enterprises

Hi Tim, I had the pleasure of meeting you at HAuNTcon in Dallas. Your artwork is amazing! I bought the 11”x14” of “Little Edna” (you had quickly sold out of the larger 16”x20” on Saturday). I love how your artwork was displayed. You certainly have a nice collection. You’re definitely doing something right because I plan to eventually buy one of each character.

DANIEL in Austin, TX

Tim, I just got back from HAuNTcon on Sunday and I just want you to know that the “Agatha” and “Dorian Gray” pairing I bought are already a hit in our household. I am preparing two frames for them and in experimenting with their phases of change, I have re-designed one of my haunt's rooms to feature your portraits in such a way that they mirror the guests actions from one end of the room to the other. It should be a really sensational, attention-getting effect. I had set them up in my house temporarily until they were framed. When two real estate agents visited to take pictures around the house, these paintings became the focus. They could not help but be mesmerized by the faultless transitions and attention to detail in your work. Who knows, even with the outstanding cast of actors that I have, these paintings may steal the show! I'm going to let them know when the first actors' meeting rolls around that they have some real competition. Thanks!

DAVID RUZICKA at Gryffon Creations

I purchased one of your portraits at HAuNTcon and everyone I have shown it to thinks it is awesome. It has been fun just watching people pick it up off the table, look at it and then throw it down screaming. I can’t wait to see the next series. Thanks.



Just wanted to say thanks again for your generous donation of the two Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits for the Great Lakes Fright Fest that was held this past weekend. Everyone who saw them fell in love with them. Take care and talk to you soon!

KAREN in Michigan

Dear Sir, I am the winner of "Gunther" at the Great Lakes Fright Fest. I would like to thank you for kindly donating to the group. What a great group of people and it gets bigger every year! I’ve only been home haunting for the past few years but am jumping in with both feet this year. I volunteered to set up the haunted house for my son's elementary school next year. “Gunther” will be the first to greet the kiddies! Thank-you again.

LISA -- A Haunter Mom
(TIM’S NOTE: Welcome to the haunt community, Lisa, and congratulations on your win.)


Hello, my name is Kevin and I am a member of the Halloween-L email list. This past weekend I attended the Annual Pennsylvania Gathering of Haunters hosted by Michael Bruner. What a great time everyone had! Well, as I’m sure you can imagine your generously donated prize of a Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portrait was the talk of the gathering! Every person there was hoping to be the lucky recipient of your artwork. Well, I was the lucky winner! Your portrait will be a fantastic addition to our charity haunt, which we will put on to benefit our local fire dept. In the few short days since winning I have taken your artwork to 3 meetings within the firehouse to “showoff” and everyone just loved it. I will definitely be letting people know that The Ghoulish Gallery is the place to go for a changing portrait! I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know I really appreciate your generosity in supporting the Pennsylvania Gathering of Haunters. I hope to add more of your portraits to my haunt soon!

(TIM’S NOTE: Congratulations Kevin! It sounds like the portrait found a good home)


Dear Tim, I just wanted to thank you again for your donations to the New England Haunter’s Gathering. Your generosity was so helpful in making the event a success and we truly appreciate your support. Thanks again and have a great Halloween season.

PAM -- East Coast Haunt Club


Dear Tim, I just wanted to send you a brief note thanking you for the fantastic door prizes that you donated to our September CalHauntS meeting. It was exceedingly generous of you and was one of the highlights of our meeting! I look forward to purchasing one of your Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits in the near future! Best regards,

DEBBIE, Co-founder, California Haunter’s Society

Hi there Ghoulish Gallery folks, and especially Tim Turner. I'm the CalHauntS Meeting Captain (that just means that I organize the meetings, order supplies, collect payment, etc.) and I'd like to say a great big THANK YOU to you for donating the two fabulous prints, which we used as door prizes at our last meeting. You should have heard the howls when Chris pulled out the first one! We're all happy for the two lucky winners, and I am personally devastated that it wasn't me! LOL! I think you've really distinguished yourselves in our minds by your generosity. Cheers!

MONICA -- CalHauntS Meeting Captain

Hi Tim, I'm a member of CalHaunts and just wanted to really thank you for your extremely generous donation of two of your amazing changing portraits to our last CalHaunts meeting. I didn't win one of them (damn!) but it was great just to see them and I'll definitely be checking out your website in the near future to see which of your prints might best suit my haunting needs! Again, thanks so much for your contribution to our haunting group.

ALAN -- Member, CalHauntS

Tim, I just wanted to say thanks for donating the Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits for the CalHauntS meeting this month. My son Kyle was a winner of one and he loves it. It will be proudly displayed in our maze "gallery" this Halloween. Thanks again,

TERRY -- Member, CalHauntS

Dear Tim, thank you so much for donating your wonderful changing portraits to our CalHauntS prize drawing. I won “Napoleon’s Last Ride” – WooHoo! It's wonderful. Everyone was greatly impressed with your artwork. Thanks again,

SHARON -- Member, CalHauntS


Hello Tim, I was your first customer at the Bat’s Day Black Market this year and I took home a lovely “Napoleon’s Last Ride” changing portrait. I was very happy to find your work at Bat’s Day. It looks great on the website but it is MUCH more impressive in person. I have since recommended your work to all the spooky kids I know here in Arizona. I hope your experience at the Black Market was a good one because I would love to see more changing portraits next year. In the meantime, I'll be buying a large “Temptation” as soon as I recover from my vacation! Thanks again and stay spooky,


Tim, thank you very much for all of the hard work concerning my order. It has been received and I can truly say that your customer service is paralleled only by the excellent quality of your work. My wife and I are very pleased with our purchase and we look forward to future dealings with your business.


Hi Tim, I had recently attended a convention in hopes of seeing one of my favorite illustrators. As I was looking around, your portraits caught my eye and I knew I was hooked. They were so intriguing I just couldn't seem to walk away. You are a very easy person to talk with, very informative and not pushy and your artwork speaks for itself. I ordered my two portraits and had them delivered. It was easy but seemed to take forever because I was so eager to receive them and to hang them in my hallway. Even when I called you up after the sale, you were more than happy to answer my questions. “Bernard” & “Isabella” are a perfect match. It's great to see my friend’s reactions when they walk by. I love the portraits!! Not only are they amazing but they are also a great reminder of how customer service should be. I went to the convention to see an illustrator, but I didn't know I would end up leaving with the find of the year. Thanks Tim!


Just received my Dorian Gray portrait – WOW!!! The portrait is great and will look fantastic for my Halloween party. Thanks again!


Hi Tim, we got our changing portrait in the mail yesterday. Looks great! It will look perfect in the office at home. Can't wait until the first person sees it and has to do a double take! Thanks again,


Hi Tim, just sending my praises for “Temptation” which arrived today. You do wonderful work. This is classic art with a nice dark classical theme behind it - I love it! Since we spoke I have been checking out your site (finally beyond the Gallery Page) and my jaw dropped several times at the names of the people who own your work, such as Forrest J Ackerman, whom I met in the early 1970's. To be included in his “Ackermuseum” is akin to hanging a young artist in the Louvre. Beast witches,

CHARLIE in St. Louis
P.S. Your new works are delicious insidiously demented delirium delights. “Belladonna” epitomizes to me the reason why little girls with giant bows in their hair have always freaked me out. I see how “Bernard” turned out after getting jerked around by his co-workers and I’m impressed to see that his expensive Italian suit survived the industrial smoker ordeal (but it appears there was little to no hope left for the shirt.)

Tim, I just received “Napoleon’s Last Ride” and it is phenomenal. I can’t wait to get it matted and framed.

RANDY in New York


On behalf of Halloween and Vine, we would like to thank you for your participation in the 2005 Halloween and Vine show. We were very pleased to see the efforts you put into your display and sincerely appreciate your contribution in making this event a success.
Thank you again for putting on a good show and we wish you a JOLLY HALLOWEEN!



Dear Tim, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your portraits. I bought several of them for our haunted house, Hundred Acres Manor in Pittsburgh, and realize I MUST buy more. I've seen your artwork in a head to head test with two of your competitors and there's no contest. The Ghoulish Gallery is by far the best. Your prices are very reasonable and you're a great person to deal with. I know your portraits will add a lot to our haunt. In fact they look so great we're building them into the haunt's storyline. There's only one problem with your portraits: I can't pull our staff away from them. They all love them so much they just want to stand around and stare at them. In fact everyone has now picked a favorite portrait. You know you have a good haunt product when haunters are fascinated! Keep up the wonderful work and you can count us as appreciative customers. Sincerely,

CHRISTINE aka Celynn -- Hundred Acres Manor

Tim, I received changing portraits yesterday, just one business day after your phone call telling me you’d shipped it. I commend you. Follow-through and customer satisfaction are obviously important to you. The portrait is indeed wonderful. It has the perfect sense of ambience for my haunts, which favor creepy mood and atmosphere over blood and gore. Brilliant job on the artwork! The transformation from proud patriarch to morbid monster is first class.


Hi Tim, I would like to welcome The Ghoulish Gallery as one of the major vendors associated with Haunted Ventures FX. As the premier designer of haunted changing portraits (you were the first one to offer this type of unique item to the general public many years ago) your company is well known throughout the haunt community as offering not only quality merchandise, but the man behind the business (that's you!) is not only well liked but well respected. In fact, you will be happy to know that we have received numerous inquiries (and orders) from our customers asking where we get the portraits from and when your name is brought up they most always tell me that they have purchased from you before and were also very pleased with your professional treatment of them. That alone speaks volumes to me and I'm sure that we will work well together in this fun business. Take care!

ROY J. BRASHEARS -- Owner & Creative Consultant, Haunted Venture FX

I just wanted to say thanks for the hand delivery of my portrait. I love it (and April is great too but you already know that). You have done a great job on Isabella. She will fit right in with our annual Halloween party. I am always looking for neat, original stuff and I’m glad I discovered The Ghoulish Gallery. Btw: Roy (of spoke very highly of you. He is a really nice guy and on top of his business as well. Thanks again.


Dear Mr. Turner, I received the portrait today. It's awesome and you're awesome. Superb communication and customer service on your part!!!! How refreshing!! Customer satisfaction is #1 with you and it shows! Hats off to you and your staff!!!!!!! Once again, THANK YOU (we are totally impressed!!!)


Tim, your Changing Portraits are first class all the way. You’re one of the nicest guys to order from and it's been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.

SCOTT in Trabuco Canyon, California

Having researched all over the net for changing portraits, I've found your site to be the best in selection and designs.

LORI in Glendora, CA

Just a quick note to let you know my wife and I love your work. You have a large variety of styles and that gives us both plenty to chose from. We're having a new house built and we already know right where we are going to display your artwork. Plus, we love all things Gothic so this fits right in with our lifestyle. Our house will not be finished until February so if you have new characters coming out before then, just let us know. Again, thanks for creating such creepy pieces of art.

MARK & DIANA in Brentwood, California

Tim, I'm a student at Cal Arts and I have to say that your changing portraits kick A$$. These are not your typical props; these are legit works of art. The overall concepts are just beautiful. As the proud parent of “Isabella”, I feel I have to share a little about how much attention she gets. All my friends talk about her when the come over. What's more, I've actually made some new friends just because they’ve heard about her and wanted to see her for themselves. How great is that! Everyone's asking where I got her because they've never seen anything like it. Keep in mind we're all art students so know that your work is inspiring future artists and designers. Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.

JAY in Glendale, California

Tim, your work is nothing short of amazing. I've loved monsters ever since I was a little "beast" especially werewolves and vampires. When I unwrapped “Wolfgang” I could almost hear him howl…I mean, call to me! I can't wait to put him on display on the staircase wall with the rest of the "pack.” Know you have a diehard fan here!!! In fact, I think I will get “Old Widow Alucard” from you next. I really went "batty" for her - just loved her toothy grin. As soon as she's ready, we can make arrangement for pick-up (as long as its before the sun has set.)

KERENE', Countess de Laguna Hills, California

Just a quick not to let you know that since getting my changing portrait the cleaning lady refuses to work in the house alone. I love this item! Thanks.

DOUGLAS in Chicago, Illinois

Tim, I cannot wait to receive my order that I placed today. As we discussed on the phone, I have an old hotel here in beautiful rural North Carolina. It was built in 1896 by a lumber merchant named Zachary Taylor Wright and it is reputed to be haunted by the spirits of himself, his wife and 5 children who died in the influenza epidemic of 1918. It is one of those large Victorian type houses with all kinds of hidden corners and nooks. We have many guests from the Seagrove Pottery area who are drawn to our place to witness the strange goings on. I am planning on placing the portraits in the guest rooms, probably on the walls opposite the beds. I hope that perhaps, if startled by some remote scratching sound in the walls, the occupants of the room will investigate the wall opposite their beds and get a little surprise! I also plan to use them elsewhere in the house on different occasions. Out of all the people with whom I have spoken, they all say you are the best. Thanks a lot Tim.

JOHN in North Carolina

Tim, I received my portraits yesterday and they are so cool. Your product really stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks!

REBECCA in Ashmore, Illinois

I just received my order today and I love it. I will fit over my fireplace just perfectly. Your art is truly superb and as an artist myself, I’m not easy to please. I will continue to check your site for new characters. Good luck and thanks.

ED in San Francisco, California

This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ve looked and looked and the transformation is flawless. Against my wife’s wishes (hee, hee) I’ve hung our “Victoria” over our fireplace and now my children won’t even come into the room to watch TV. Just think of how much money I’ll be saving on electricity bills!! Just think about how their grades will improve without the hours and hours of mindless entertainment. The only problem is when I am sleeping, I can sometimes hear “Victoria” call my name in a soft whisper and I am compelled to go downstairs and just stare at her for hours in a room lit only by the dying embers in the fireplace. Of course that last bit wasn’t true but that’s what I’ll be telling the guests at our annual Halloween party just to freak them out. Thanks for making such a great effect. I absolutely love it!

KEN in Duncanville, Texas

Just got my Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits today and these are the coolest things ever. The images are so crisp and clear. The transformations are smooth and super creepy. I’ve seen the work of other changing portrait companies before but yours is truly one of the best changing portraits I've seen. You are the master at this type of ghoulish artwork.

KEVIN in Orlando, Florida

Love it! Love it! Love it, and I'm rather fond of it too!

ROBERT in Dallas, Texas

Just got my three changing portraits and I am thrilled to death (no pun intended). These are even better than the photos on your website. You shipping and packaging was great and I will be a collector of your changing portraits from now on.

CHARLES in Blue Earth, Minnesota

WOW!!! These changing portraits are fantastic. I can't wait to get them it in a frame and display them for Halloween. BTW, your packaging was perfect. Keep up the great work.

LINDA in New York, New York

Your Changing Portraits are absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much.

PHILLIP in Inglewood, California

Tim, your portraits are the best out there. I don't know how I will incorporate mine in my yard haunt but I will put them in there somewhere!


Hi, This is Mary Ann. Bill loved the latest portrait I gave him for his birthday! I actually cut and pasted the bio from your site to card-stock paper so I could attach it to the back of the framed portrait to give the "history/story" of the portrait along with the picture. Anyway, love the portraits - we actually have a hallway of changing portraits at work - all are enjoyed, especially during this Halloween season. Halloween is a season, right? Talk with you soon,


I just received my two changing portraits and they are just as you said on your website. This effect is so cool in person. It's really clear that this is your calling. It's true, you are the "scare experts.” Know that the artistic efforts of you and your team are most appreciated.

KAY in Craftbury Common, Vermont

I recently received "Napoleon's Last Ride" as a gift from my nephew. Having been born on Halloween, I've always had an interest in ghoulish themes and your macabre masterpieces are "to die for!!” Seriously, over the years I've received many Halloween themed gifts and this portrait is the best! Your product is incredible! I have had the occasion to look over some of the other artists' changing portraits available on the web, and I have to say your work is undoubtly the most amazing I have seen. Your attention to detail gives your customers a superb product! Your prices are so affordable that mainstream enthusiasts can afford them as well as "die hard" collectors! The fact that your designs have been rated by many of your peers as being the best confirms my opinion. Ghoulish Gallery Changing Portraits are elegant enough to hang year-round, as they will in my Victorian parlor. They make a wonderful icebreaker when entertaining! The fact that you also do custom designed pieces is also appealing to those of us who are rather eclectic, and what a great way to create a family portrait!!!

Thank you for your uninhibited imagination! I wish you only continued success and look forward to seeing your newest inspirations, as they are unveiled on your site.
All the best!


Dear Tim, I received “Gunther” on Saturday and I am tickled to death. He is, without a doubt, going to make a wonderful addition to my downstairs chamber as well as to my school project about The Picture of Dorian Grey. Dreadfully delightful work! Horns off to you and happy haunting.

BRITTNEY in California

Dear Tim, our collection keeps growing as a family tree (grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, the kids + the relatives). When not used in our haunt we display your work in our home and visitors think that they are family portraits. We've gotten our friends hooked on your pictures and now they are trying to keep up with our growing collection. They won't! Keep up the great artwork.

JACK in Florida

Dear Mr. Turner, thanks very much for sending “Napoleon’s Last Ride” so quickly and especially for the signed “Belladona”. That was a wonderful surprise! Everyone was fascinated by your art and asked me where I purchased them. Thanks again,

(TIM’S NOTE: Your order came in at a time when we were having a buy one get one free special on the Haunted Attraction website. Even though you were not aware of the promotion, it just didn’t seem right or ethical to not include the extra portrait with your order when everyone else was getting one. Enjoy “Belladonna” and be sure to give my “little ghoul” a loving home.)

To all at The Ghoulish Gallery, I just received “Belladonna” and she is awesome! The guests at our Halloween party are not going to expect a thing until they walk by her and she changes. I can hardly wait to see their reactions. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer,


Tim, we absolutely love the portraits! They look awesome in the hallway of our haunted school. We think the quality of your product and customer service, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 20. Everyone loves them! Thank you.

FRANKS & EMMA, Owners & JENNIFER, Project Coordinator -- The Haunting of Chittyville School

My name is Carie and I ordered “The Low Cost Divorce” on Tuesday October 4th. I received a call the same day from Tim Turner to let me know when it would ship. I was so impressed at the personal service. I received my changing portrait Thursday, October 6th. I didn’t expect it until the following week! I purchased the picture for my husband. We were just married last week and I thought it would be funny to have this picture hanging in our living room. He got divorced from “ The Devil” (his ex) about 4 years ago so he appreciates the picture even more. Thank you for the awesome work of art and the extremely awesome customer service.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love “Donna D’ Dead” and “Bernard”…and I just saw “Belladonna!” They’re all fabulous. I was off to get suitable frames this morning but then had plumbing problems. When the Plumber arrived and walked by your portraits, I heard this loud gasp. He said he thought they were old family photos, which is of course the point! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. I know everyone will go crazy for them. I really appreciate it.


Thank you for the great work you are doing. My husband and I recently ordered “Napoleon’s Last Ride” for a conversation piece at our Halloween party. We contacted you at the last minute to have our portrait sent in time for the party. You had the portrait sent overnight and it arrived in plenty of time for the party. It was so much fun watching our friends gasps when they noticed the change in Napoleon. We will definitely order from you again. Your portraits are wonderful collectables for all Halloween enthusiasts. Thanks again.



Greetings, we have a Bed and Breakfast here in Wexford. Each October, we do something called Ghost Nights where we transform the castle into a haunted B&B for the month. Keep in mind that many already believe that the castles here are haunted so this just plays into the lore. After finding your site on the Internet, we decided to add some of your ghostly portraits to the guest rooms. Good Lord, the reaction was just great! Every morning at breakfast, your portraits were the topic of conversation. The guests really loved them. We even had some of the locals stop in after hearing rumors of the portraits that change. Your wonderfully artwork really helped create a positive word of mouth about our event and as a result, we had our best year ever. In fact, some of our guests have already booked reservations for Ghost Nights 2005. Thank you so much for this really unique product.

ERIN & COLM in Wexford, Ireland

I just opened up my package and I am so happy! This is beautiful (in a spooky kind of way). The artwork is so detailed when seen in person and the morphing is so smooth. Your site made lots of promised and I want everyone to know you delivered on every one. This was also my very first purchase over the Internet so it's good to know there are some honest businesses out there like yours. Have a great Halloween and thanks again.

ALEXA in Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, I guess I should start by saying that you must hold the world record for swift delivery. The post was much faster than indicated on your site. I thought it would a much longer wait since they were coming from overseas. When I first received the parcels, my initial reaction was disappointment. The surface of my changing portraits appeared to have scratches. But when I finally read your Care and Feeding Instructions I realized that what I was looking at was a peel-off clear protective barrier. Hello! Once I got that away, I was in awe!! This is the creepiest thing to see in person and the artwork is great. I'm still not sure exactly how you do the changing part but it is effective and intimidating. Keep up the great work.

ANNA in Leicester, United Kingdom

(Tim’s Note: This one came from one of our many friends in Asian. It was all in Chinese characters so we actually had to use an on-line translating program called Babblefish to understand what was being said. First up is the literal translation that Babblefish gave us, followed by our best translation of what the author was trying to say.)

Mr. Tim, your art is very famous here. I bought your art and I so happy. Many people like akira woman “Isabella”, special first happy then crazy. To see is wonderful and surprising. You master artist. Much delight is work. Thanks you much.

MEI LEE in Tawain

Dear Tim, your artwork is very popular here. I recently bought one of your portraits and I love it. Many people who have seen my scary portrait, “Isabella,” like her transformation from normal to insane. It is really wonderful and surprising to see. You are a very good artist and your work has made me very happy. Many thanks,

MEI LEE in Tawain

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